You can call me Monica. I'm young but experienced and sophisticated lady. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but usually I receive a lot of compliments according my appearance. I'm tall (178cm), my body is quite sportive but still feminine curvy, with long graceful legs. I speak English fluently and can understand a few more languages basically.

If you want them to envy you
You'll get a company of a stunning woman, who's very stylish and well-mannered and who will pay all her attention to you only. I'm well-educated and intelligent, with sense of humor, can easily participate in conversations of whatever topics.

If you are curious to break a moral law
I have adventurous personality with very clean psyche, that makes me your best accomplice. I know how to keep secrets and how to protect your privacy. All our small crimes will stay between two of us only, at least from my side.

If you need a soulmate
I have degrees in Psychology and Communications: I know how to listen and how to hear. You can easily share your darkest thoughts with me. I'll never judge you: I'm not a moralist at all and have 'dark side of the Moon' too.

If you lack emotions

I know a few spells that can force your body to produce more endorphins and make your heart beat faster. You will be besotted with passion, serotonin and pure joy. I can help you to feel again, but be aware: you can be bewitched forever.

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