Coopetation with the Devil

Coopetation with the Devil
 I’ve had been having the idea to write about cooperation in escorting industry  for a long time: to tell you how do we girls in this business communicate, how do we support each other or compete etc in general, but recently some particular case happened to me and the topic will be more specified this time.
Approximately a year ago I had a very nice coworker (let’s call her A.): an amazing girl in her middle 30th, cute, great hostess and so on. I thought that we were a successful and productive team cause I really liked her and she told she likes me. Then suddenly a small case happened: once I disagreed with the way she communicated by phone with a customer and she reacted very furiously. She deleted me from coworkers and stopped any cooperations. I didn’t understand why: from my point of view there were no reasons for such actions. Later I realized that it was just a trigger for much deeper motives, but until recently I didn’t have a clue. Probably some of you could remember when you asked me: “Why don’t you work together with A. anymore?” I answered something like “I’m not really sure...” And that was true.
Of course I wondered about the reason cause I regretted loosing a friend, so once we crossed paths with other girls who communicate with both of us I asked them: “Do you know why A. doesn’t talk to me anymore?” They answered: ”Well... To put it mildly, she doesn’t like you and thinks that you are stealing her clients.” I didn’t believe them: I barely new them and the whole idea sounded absurd to me. But recently another girl whom I trust confirmed that fact, hinting that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. And that touched me. You know that, conversely, I’m always happy to recommend you other girls. And how is this even possible to steal a client?!
So I decided to provoke A. to explain her... opinion about me. On the forum for russian-speaking escorts (I know she reads it since the day I invited her there) I created a post in an appropriate section, where I described how did I lose a customer because of A. (when we had our first ménage à trois  date she got hysterical for no reason, actually it’s another funny story that I’ll tell you some day), and how I was always afraid to answer her questions like:“Did he come back to you after our threesome appointment?” I new that she’ll recognize herself in my story and was hoping to get some reaction. My intention was to hear some explanation of her behavior: why does she think that I’m stealing her clients and what’s the reason to tell bed things about me to other girls? The result exceeded all expectations.  
She posted an answer that I just have to  show you. Here’s a literal translation: “I had a very vile and envious coworker-friend - cherished a viper in my bosom. This girl turned out to be satanist and she communicated with me only because I was the perfect victim for her. This witch performed her satanic rituals on me. She intended to steal everything from me: happiness, luck, success... she was jealous even of my live wire personality. It’s long to type and I don’t want to remember everything this scum did to me. She invited herself to sleep over at my house pretending that she confused with the booking of the hotel room and she had to checkout but her flight was next day only. She used this to make me possessed with a demon in period from midnight until 3am, because she wanted me dead. I still hate to remember stinking and acrid sweat of her body and permanent smell of urine in her apartment: she infused urine for her satanic rituals. I wouldn’t point the finger at this scum on the forum because this witch will recognize herself. With the help of the God I cast out the demon she instilled in me and now I can breathe deeply again and enjoying the life. Coworking experience is not always positive, but sometimes can even put your life in danger. Give those whom you communicate with a close look, especially whom you work with. The Universe sees everything and boomerang effect is still on.
Let me guess what you are thinking now. Kinda “What the hell I’ve just read?!” Be sure, I had the same reaction. And if I were you I would never believe it, so I’ll post screenshot in russian.
After I’ve read that I’ve called our mutual acquaintances. “Yes dear, she’s serious about that. Each word she wrote she truly believes in. And you really were a reason of performing exorcism.”  Been honest, I haven’t laughed like that for a long time. Then I’ve started remembering small facts: orthodox icons everywhere in the apartment, strange small rituals like rubbing money about her pussy when a customer leaves, hysterical that happened to her on our first appointment  etc... Puzzle formed.
You know, it’s really impressive how  ancient superstitions can leak out through the tiniest crack of madness in your brain. Apparently 21st century, but some of us seem to stay in the Middle Ages forever. I can hardly imagine what’s happening in the girl’s mind. Maybe tomorrow she’ll decide to kill the witch and will put a stake in my heart... I realize that she stalk my website and sooner or later will read this and aftermaths are unpredictable... But as you can understand, I was very impressed and could not to share this impression with you, even though I’m risking to become a gossip girl, been cursed, killed or whatever: the story is too good to keep it for myself only. But now I have to finish: I need to collect my pee for next rituals and there are a few infants waiting for me to drink their blood. Kisses!

P.S. Dear A., I still believe that you’re a good and kind person, but you need a professional help to get rid of this shit. And saying “professional” I don’t mean priests, palmists, midwives or whomever. I mean a real therapist, who’ll explain you that there are only those demons you create yourself. I’m not your enemy. Please forgive me if I offended you with something: I’ve never had evil intentions for you. My urine goes straight to the toilet, I swear.

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What the fuck?! Crazy world, crazy people  
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Can you do that satanic stuff on me? How much extra  :D

That  story sounds really crazy (maybe not in psychiatric terms). Can only  speculate... Maybe she comes from a strict religious background. Not  noticeable in every day life, but in close interactions, people with  strong religious mindsets internalized from early on, it seems (to me)  they can interpret the world and social interaction in terms of their  religion (and often makes no sens to the rest of us). Especially when  threatened in some way.

One girl I dated for a  short time, she came from a very strict religious upbringing. I don't  think she considered herself very religious, but those ideas was still  deep in her mind. Every sexual feeling she had, in her mind it was the  devil, and she was really struggling with this.

I've never meet  you (not yet unfortunately), but it's obvious you are more of a free  spirit. Maybe in some way her belief system was threatened by you -  things you said, ways you act as free spirit, or something..?

Btw,  the 'Lucifer' series on Netflix is fun. The devil is tired of being in  hell, so he starts a nightclub in LA, and he helps the police. A bit  self centered, but he's a nice guy. And he goes to therapy :)
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In my opinion you don't believe in no God, Devil or other supernatural creatures Monica. This is one of the reasons I like you. And you use humour to make this clear. Religious people who believe in Gods and Devils may find this threatening to their self. Some are even crazy enough to consider you a devil's worshipper. And a conflict of interests can easily trigger such an opinion. How many women did not the Christian church burn because of such conflicts. Religious people are dangerous. Let's hope this person you have a conflict with not literally means it, but use the religious bullshit to blacken you. And that she has the sense to back down. Anyway what she has done to you is totally unacceptable. She owes you an enormous apology.
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"permanent smell of urine in her apartment" lol I think that had been bad for the business, if it really was, you probably would not have had such good reviews :-)
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You put a spell on me, I am sure
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Hi Monica do you know about women who have been escort women before but who are now married? If you get to know a man whom you would like to marry, would you marry that man or will you be singel for the rest of your life?
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Roy wrote:
Hi Monica do you know about women who have been escort women before but who are now married? If you get to know a man whom you would like to marry, would you marry that man or will you be singel for the rest of your life?
Hello, Roy. Yes, I know a few women who used to be escorts and now are married.
I don’t know what I would do. I appreciate my loneliness very much, but I shouldn’t underestimate the power of emotional chemistry.
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Hi Monica
I was actually expecting this blog for some some form.
Yes, I know your reference "A", very well...!
You motivated her to move  from "S" to Oslo.
I know every thing from Start fo the end. How it your "friendship" ended.
Yes..according to was..your satanic-behaviour..was kind of issue. I do not believe in that..and all she explained to me..was kind of insane.

I helped her all ways I could,..picking her..driving around.. landed her money 40 K two times..which she paid back..and 3rd time "25K"..which she refuses to pay me back..
She admitted, that she will be a bitch now.. and not pay my money back. I day she will regret heavily..

Please keep it..private. However you are free to contact me on my email, should you want.
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Andone thing about yourfriend.and my friend "AL..." she is just opprortunist, self sentered, heavily egoist, selfish, and arrogant.

She has her own understanding of this worled, andshe is the ONLY person who is right..all the time.

I heard her many interest was not to prove her wrong...

So..I guessed..she do not have many friends..true friends.

Shealready had a "blow" to her life. She fell in love with a really "rich guy" Oslo..and guess.what....LOL.
She forgot..her own standing. in the society.

He was not for marriage..LOL

Rest is a story
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