Escorts: the right to exist

Escorts: the right to exist
There are a lot of argues about our craft: in some countries we are legal , in another it is in between law and outlaw, somewhere it is strictly forbidden.  Where’s the truth? Nowhere. Escort industry is always on the hedge. There were times when this craft was respectful, there were times when it was absolutely unacceptable by society. Nowadays in general it’s ... so-so. 

I’m not going to convince you that escort industry is a Divine conducting. I’m just going to subscribe what’s in my head. When I’m not sure if I’ve chosen a right way, I imagine a world without escorts. As if we never existed.  And you know what I see? Disaster. 
I see a huge power, that can’t become something constructive, because it’s always ‘suppressed’. People are trying to hide it, and their attempts seem successful, but in fact it’s like a postponement of the problem. This energy is collecting inside of them, accumulating and then comes the day when everything breaks out.  Then wars begin.
Why do we say about an angry woman: “She might haven’t been fucked for a long time...”? Because it’s true. If you don’t use your sexual energy and suppress it, nothing good will happen. And even masturbation doesn’t solve the problem. We need to share this energy with others, to put it in somebody, to exchange with someone. A simple ‘getting rid of it’ doesn’t work. And that’s why escort industry MUST exist. World needs us. People who are not able to find a sexual partner in real life because of lack of time, health or whatever, or those who are satisfied with everything except sexual part of theirs marriage... All this people need us. 

Do we harm somebody? I don’t think so. I’m not talking about human trafficking or sexual slavery: obviously, it’s awful. But if we are talking about independent girls and boys, professionals, who made this choice: could you tell me, please, whom do we harm?..

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How would the world be without escorts? There's just one true answer to that - a sad, sad place. A place where tension would surface in the most horrible ways...!

Monica, I second your points in every conceivable aspects. As I've argued in previous blogs of yours I'm truly sad that escorts have to work in the shadows of society - today and sadly for many more years to come :-(

But, we both know, Monica, that your thoughts are so right. I feel I'm a little bit entitled to agree since I've had the true and great pleasure to learn of a beautiful and sincere escort - not just bodywise, but also mindwise!
Keep up your work and let's hope your thoughts become part of our societies future guidelines.

Btw - If you ever should consider running for president, Monica, you already have my vote :-)
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Don't know if I would call escort work an 'industry' but.. ;)

I can not see escort services as a threat to marriages or anything else. People, men and woman, have been unfaithful in relationships through all times, and the majority don't use any "secret services" to do it. And regarding broken relationships, is not the escort that creates problem in relationships - the problem is there already.

Fighting human trafficking is good, but seems to me it's only an excuse to make "buying sex" illegal. If fighting trafficking was the purpose it's not a good way to do it anyway. In Norway a lot of foreign workers are exploited by house building companies, but no one wants to ban building houses.

Way I see it, it is all about moral-ism (in the sense of judging others). Through history those in power have tried to control people's sexuality in every way they can - through religion, "morality", politics, laws. ( Fun-fact: the purpose of "inventing" cornflakes and kneipp bread was to lower peoples sex drive )

The way James Marshall, a Buddhist pick-up-artist and dating-coach, describes feminism makes a lot of sense I think:

Although often those aggressive so-called "feminists" are against women doing escort work, and striptease, I think that in the context of Marshall's speech, banning escort work can been see also as part of controlling women's (and men's) sexuality.
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Thank you "Guest" for leading me on to James Marshall and his talk at this convention.

I'm glad to say I recognized many of his thoughts in my own "pondering of the meaning of it all" and "who and what do I want to be". He also gave me much else to think of, and wonder about.
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I believe that the scandinavian criminalisation of buying sex is coming from the conservative left side sosialists, who think they have monopoly on defining feminisme. Womens rights are good here, women are powerful and makes a lot of important decitions and politics, which is very good. But everything has its downside, womens need to control mens sexuality might have given the sexbuy-law. I dont think theese same women are worried about the sexworking girl, because full legalisation would be a great improvement for theese girls.
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I first meet such a detailed and interesting opinion about the escort as a phenomenon in the world! To admit, I always thought that most girls take it just as a way to make easy money, but after reading your post I realized that not for all this is so :) . Great thoughts and great post! Write again!
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Hi Monica and everyone else. I am a christian man and I would recommend everyone to watch and listen to this interesting, revealing and educational teaching of Robert Breaker. Robert Breaker: The sin of fornication.:
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Roy wrote:
Hi Monica and everyone else. I am a christian man and I would recommend everyone to watch and listen to this interesting, revealing and educational teaching of Robert Breaker. Robert Breaker: The sin of fornication.:  [URL=][/URL]
Christian propaganda on an escort’s site.... Hmmm.... Why not? :D
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