How to behave yourself with an escort? How to treat her? In this video I'm telling you about basic etiquette rules.

Some things I forgot to mention For example:
 that money should be provided to an escort in the beginning of the meeting,
 and that you should always be just on time - not earlier or later,
 If you're late - time starts according the deal anyway,
and don't 'sightseeing' lady's apartment without permission -we might have private stuff in some place

Follow these simple rules to get better experience from the appointment and to stay away from black list This episode will help you to understand our requirements better and to avoid some basic mistakes.

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Dr\nardo sf
hello, I really adore your content , I have an important question here ,  will you or other escort agree to have raw sex (without condom) ? ,  even if the man have shown you his blood test for STDS and he is free  from any infection  for a good price,  also  do you know that  it's  possible for kissing to transmit CMV, herpes, and syphilis. and do you  check for STDS in your clients before appointments , being a clinical  pharmacist ,i recommend you to insure that ever one of your client is  using  gargles especially  Listerine to reduce risk for transmission of  STDS especially   gonorrhea, One study saw an increase in mouthwash use  with age and a decrease in  oral gonorrhea, but the correlation was not  statistically significant.3 However, other studies,  did find mounting  evidence on the potential effectiveness of mouthwash against gonorrhea  in the saliva ,  An example of this is a 2005 study of how a 30-second  rinse with  Listerine affected people with herpes also found positive  results. They  saw a significant reduction in active herpes virus for  more than 30  minutes after mouthwash use. The effect had worn off by 60  minutes, but  the researchers still saw a strong benefit in that time  period. In other  words, the mouthwash helped right after people used  it, but not  necessarily long term , I apologize in advance for writing lengthy comment  
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You know peeing is used by male animals to mark territory😏 Maybe peeing anywhere else but in the toilet is a way to tell; this escort is mine! It might actually be a compliment😁 But I definitely agree it's bad etiquette, and I promise to do my very best to avoid it☝️ Have a beautiful summer day👄
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Oki, I thought this was pretty obvious, but appearantly not...jesus...

edit  It lasted 134 days, hehe :) I have just started vacation this week, but wife was still working, so since I also have birthday today, I pampered my self with a 2 hour massage at a studio (well, it became 1 hour 4 hands instead when a supersweet girl came in and asked if I had tried it before. It was a no brainer, really, so 1 hour to be correct, leaving with a happy smile :)
Then visited an escort day after, based on reviews, photos, services and price, in that order. Hehe, this is very addictive... Guess I have found my working formula, and leave massage to professionals from now on, and no mixture anymore :)
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