Irina Le Fey

Irina Le Fey

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. Let me introduce you sophisticated lady Irina Le Fey - German independent escort, the owner of official escort agency.

From this video you will learn how did Irina start her escort career, specific of being an escort in Germany, where the industry is legalized, her study-research about power balance between a customer and provider, social biases about sex-work and how do they influence us and many other interesting things

Enjoy her charm and contagious positive
Irina in social nets:
Twitter: @Irina_le_Fey
Instagram: @irina.le.fey

I have some news for you:

1) I've started my own channel in Telegram (I live this application, will tell you more in one of blogs about it. It's not an advertisement! No-one paid me for that. Yet). Use this link to find the channel:
2) I've changed my social profile links and YouTube channel name on Escort Vlog:
My Instagram: @EscortVlog 
Twitter: @EscortVlog 
Telegram Channel: @EscortVlog 


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Wow...I love your interviews :)

Irina is such an interesting woman, being so open about her profession, as it is legal, and even paying taxes, but also for clearly enjoying her lifestyle and customers, it's amazing. This is how it should be, and adds more for making it a legal and ordinary business after all :)

And...writing a bachelor about paying customer vs escort regarding power issues is absolutely astonishing. It makes you think where the world is heading to, hehe, although I think it is quite clear already that sexwork will be all legal and normal business in the future over the world, it's just a question of time really :)

Well done, Monica. You truly live an interesting and exciting life, and this escort world is indeed fascinating for those who makes the most of it, like you do :)
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Very nice and lively interview. Irina is a really charming and open minded girl, and her bachelor exam a counterweight to ignorance. I like German liberal laws, and hope they rather get improved than restricted. Anyway Norwegians can only dream of such level of freedom. Wish the Germans never left back in '45🤗
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