It’s my first time: what should I do?

It’s my first time: what should I do?

I’m not talking about sex itself now. If you’re a virgin, there are a lot of movies and other types of instructions in the Internet about how to make love in firs time in your live. My topic is about calling a girl. What to do if you have never met an escort before: how to make an appointment and how to behave yourself? Here is my instruction based on own experience and experience of my colleagues.


I already told you how to find a real profile without fake pictures and how to protect yourself and stay secured, let’s discuss now what to do next after you have found ‘the right girl’. 

The best way to connect is to send an SMS or a message in WhatsApp or Viber.  It gives a girl a possibility to check your number in blacklists before. She can also be busy and not able to pick up the phone when you call. But if you are not ready to receive a message back anytime (for example, your phone could lay on the table during family dinner) it’s better to make a call then SMS, of course. 


What to write in the message

First of all be polite: say hello, shortly introduce yourself and describe your preferences about the time for meeting (if the girl provide a list of services, tell also what are you interested in). For example: ‘Hello, Monica! My name is Chris, 47 years old, originally from Switzerland, now living in Norway. Is possible to meet you tonight around 8 PM for two hours? Chris’ or ‘Andy, is it possible to meet you for A-sex and deep throat on Friday afternoon for 30 min? BR, Andreas (Spanish,27yo)’


If something will comes up after you’ve arranged an appointment, let know the girl as soon as possible. In our business time is money: please, respect that. If you book in advance you will probably be asked to confirm the appointment closer to the date. As for me, I send the instructions how to find my place after confirmation only.

Be there right on time. If you came to early, send a message like ‘Can be at your place in 5 min, if it suits you.’ If you got no response then you should wait till the time you’ve settled before.

As you’ve entered, after formal phrases ‘Nice to meet you, cold weather blablabla’, you should give the girl her gift. Money first - this is the rule in escorting industry all over the world.


If somehow the girl differs from the pictures in her profile, or there is someone else in the apartment,- just leave, it’s your right and my advice. If everything is fine, take a shower (at least wash your hands after the street), tell to the escort if you have any preferences or ‘forbidden places’, then relax and get the pleasure.


When the time starts?

The time starts as you enter the apartment, or (if you were late), since the time you’ve agreed to meet. The girl will tell you when your time is up: take a shower, say ‘Goodbye, it was nice to meet you!’ and go home to write her a review or to do whatever. Congratulations: you are not an escort-virgin anymore. You are outlaw now :D

P.S. And how was your first experience with an escort? What did you feel at that moment?

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It remind me my first time with an escort. It didn’t work :) Next time I found the courage to try again in three years only. Since that it works. More or less.
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My first encounter with an escort was 6.august this year.
sweet lady, just my type. Mellow, soft spoken. I felt excitement beforehand (looking forward to the intimacy and sex). Simultaneously, I felt slightly nervous (after all, it is illegal in Norway). Second, also a slight worry of some kind of scam may occur, being jumped by 2-3 people perhaps, demanding money/blackmailing. All in all, a nice experience, and it gave me the taste for
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