Madam Suzanne

Madam Suzanne

Hello everyone

Let me introduce you Fadi Chabian (Freddy, aka Madam Suzanne) - a former USA brothel owner, escort-agent who was in charge for hundreds of ladies during 30 years. His experience in escort industry is huge, and he shares this experience partly in these interview and in his recent books that you can find on Amazon

It was quite difficult interview for me because I have some personal prejudices according pimps or escort-agents, but Freddy's life and professional experience definitely deserves attention and respect. During his career he collected unique knowledges, that can be useful for any current or beginning escort despite the country she's working in. And, of course, it can be very interesting for escorts clients and anybody who -this or that way- participates in the industry or simply sympathizes it. Or just curious.

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With your experience, it's natural to have some personal prejudices, and you don't show them much, only a few minor reactions
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