My Girlfriend is An Escort pt2

My Girlfriend is An Escort pt2

 In this video you will find a particular case of the guy, who started to date an escort and she quit for him.  In the second part of the video you'll find a very useful and powerful exercise, that can help you a lot in your relationships, even if escort lady is not involved. Sorry for the boats, can't sit home these last days of Norwegian summer

Share your point of view on the topic and if you had relationships with an escort, how was it? And...

Enjoy !

My previous video mentioned in the episode:
MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN ESCORT. Are you ready for such relationships?

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You're right about she probably made up her mind, and even if he manages to accept new terms in their relationship, it might not be enough to save it. Never been in relationship with an escort, but I have met women behind my partner's back. It took some time to realize, but this means lack of love and respect, and is a bad sign for the relationship. But as you say, people are different, and it's up to themselves to make it work.

Boats were not very disturbing, but I was missing the spider, since such encounters can be entertaining😱 Even though I suspect you to not be afraid of them. Maybe you have to inhale one instead of eating it, to get a serious reaction😅 Stay safe🕷️
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