Security measures for adultery

Security measures for adultery

When you start an affair behind your wife’s (girlfriend’s) back, even if it’s a one-off share with an escort, your main task is not to be caught. First of all, because you are an adult and responsible person, who doesn’t want to hurt people who trust you. And then because it could bring you a lot of brainwashing and other problems. So, how to stay unnoticed in your atrocities?


With women it’s not that easy, believe me. Each one of us is a Sherlock. Have you heard about the famous female intuition? It’s not a myth. It’s really exists and can be scientifically justified. For example, women are better witnesses of crime because our eye notices details. Imagine that you were walking around with you spouse and a sexy woman passed nearby. How will you describe that woman? “She was beautiful, wearing a red dress.How will your wife describe her? “Approximately the same high as I am, blond curly hears, colored a week ago, black leather shoes with 7cm heels, ruby pencil skirl middle-knee length, scarlet top with a round neckline...” 

Do you see what I mean? We pay much more attention to details that men do. That’s why I want to tell you what things you should check twice to protect your relationships.

1) Hairs. This deft bastards can hide in the most unexpected places. And if your blond lady will find out a black hair on your socks, you are in trouble. Can be solved with a visual checking right before you leave Eden gardens.


2) Make up. Obviously, lipstick. And another important thing that you usually overlooked - glitter (shimmer, highlighter or whatever - everything that shines). This light reflective micro pieces can stay invisible for a long time, and then sparkling at the most inopportune moment. Can be solved with an “after shower”: but don’t touch girls face later, even for a last kiss.


3) Smells. A professional escort understands that she can’t use perfume ‘pour elle’ while she is working (the same with deodorants, shampoo and shower gel). Because if she doesn’t, it will complicate your life. “Why do I smell Chanel Mademoiselle, dear? Ahhh... Some crazy girl broke into my office and sprayed it on me!” Can be solved with an sms in advance “Plz, no perfume, I’m allergic.” And always take a shower afterwards, because sex leaves it’s special smell as well.


4) Phone. I’ve wrote a lot about it already, but I’ll repeat: the best way is to buy absolutely different phone and to get a sim card registered on someone’s name. This phone shouldn’t been able to unblock with your fingerprint or face scan. Never keep on this phone any personal information or pictures , so you always can say that it’s not yours, you’ve found it.


5) Emotions. Recognizing of non-verbal signs is women’s strong side too. Probably, because our main responsibility always was to look after babies, and this was the only way to understand why is he crying: is he scared, feels pain or just bored? Mother’s duty is to understand what does her child need or intending to do by screening his face. We are fucking good in it. So watch your non-verbal behavior. Could be solved if you prepare in advance an explanation, why do you feel nervous.


You see: to stay incognito is a hard job. But I wanna give you a hope: everything is not so bad. A specific feature of human behavior is that we believe in what we want to believe. And deep inside we want to trust our partners (of course if we are not looking for a reason to break up). Another thing that self-confidence is very contagious. So when you’re lying confidently, and people see that you really believe in what you’re saying, they believe you as well. They trust you. (This is how religious cults were based.) So even when somebody sends evidence (pictures, printed calls and letters) of your adultery to your beloved, take her face with your hands, look into her eyes and pronounce with all confidence: “No, it wasn’t me.” And she will believe you, because she wants to. The main trick is to convince yourself in your rightness. Then it will work 100%. I guarantee.

Stay safe, get what you want, but do it in the way that wouldn’t hurt your partners. “We are responsible for those who have tamed.


P.S. Please, if I have forgotten something, mention it in comments under the post. It can help me and other readers! Thank you :*

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Interesting book the little prince. When the prince get bitten by the snake, do you belive he died or went home?
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Guest wrote:
Interesting book the little prince. When the prince get bitten by the snake, do you belive he died or went home?
I guess both this things happened the same time. Kinda dualism of the Universe  
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Monica wrote:
[QUOTE]Guest wrote:
Interesting book the little prince. When the prince get bitten by the snake, do you belive he died or went home?[/QUOTE] I guess both this things happened the same time. Kinda dualism of the Universe  
Then you trust the snake. Me too. The snake is not bad ;)
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When I read this, I thought about the time I was sure that my ex was unfaithful. She put on a lipstick before going out with the dog
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