Yesterday I received another message from a girl who’s pseudo-stalking me for a second year already. She is not the first stalker in my life, so I took it as a sign to make another interesting blog for you. Who are stalkers


Stalkers are people, who pathologically follows your life, sees in you the biggest love or the worst enemy and try to find any type of contact with you (by sending letters, calling, messaging insults etc). Most often stalkers are ex-lovers, but not necessarily. The emotional base of stalking is very difficult: it’s a mix of strong feelings like love, envy, hate, lust, desperation and others. Very often stalkers start with adoration of the victim, but when their intentions are rejected, or they imagine it could be rejected, it turns into spite, hate and anger. Stalking is a pathological behavior, that is more characteristic of men, but happens with women too (usually in easier way) and can be very dangerous up to murder. It is just a symptom, not a disease itself, so it’s not easy to say what particular diagnose the stalker has: can be bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety-depressive disorder, whatever. The symptom is a narrowing of consciousness on one person.


The unconscious message of the symptom is “I want to appropriate yours. I don’t understand, who am I, what do I want, what do I worth. I’m devaluing myself and becoming you.” Even if the real (physical) message from stalker is: “You’re awful, you’re ugly, you don’t deserve a shit.”  The meaning between the lines is “I’m so self-insufficient, so insignificant and pathetic, that I need your life, your personality to become at least something meaningful.” This is why they start checking all your social accounts, chasing you, stealing your trash, sniffing your panties, trying to get contact with your friends etc. Stalkers bully their victims in an attempt to gain control over them, to feel the power. And our free-data century gives them all the opportunity and makes cyber-stalking nowadays epidemic.


Meanwhile victims most often peck for bait and make mistakes. I remember my first experience with a stalker: it was really scary, I was young and not experienced at all, didn’t know what to do (specific to Russia stalking is not a crime at all, until nobody is physically harmed seriously) . He sent me e-mails with pictures of me at the window of my house, me sitting with friends in café and so on. The feeling that someone is looking after you all the time is very destructive. I’m not talking about guardian-angels and suchlike, I’m talking about unwilling attention. Anxiety comes out, you are thinking all the time if he’s somewhere here now, observing you, that finally leads you to paranoid conditions and depression. The stalker intrudes in your conscious and poison you mentally. Finally you’ll be infected with the same symptom: narrowing of consciousness on one person.


How not to become a loser in this situation? How to behave with stalker? You should become a stalker by yourself. Instead of being victim, become a hunter. Lead your stalker from shadow to  light and start to chase him. Publish in all your social nets announcement: “WARNING! This person is stalking me!” and attach all screenshots, phone calls records, whatever materials you have about him. Rapport to local policemen that there was an issue and you were threatened, even if they can’t do anything according the law, they must make a note that you contacted them about the case: it will help if your stalker will continue his attempts. Don’t be afraid: your fear will just feed him. Become a detective, collect all information about the irritator and show the world everything you will find.


Here’s my recent example: about 2 years ago one lady contacted me in What’s App. She started with commenting some of my blogposts in a nice way and invitation for a coffee, but soon madness showed up. You can follow the march on the screenshots. 



To make it clear: I have no idea who’s this poor guy, and if he’s a real person at all, but if he was stupid enough to mess up with this lady, I feel free to publish his picture. And my own picture (on a motorbike, that as the girl decided connects me with her Adam) was made in France looong time ago and the owner of the motorbike was just my neighbor there. My suggestion in this situation: Adam is a man who hurt feelings of the lady somehow, she longed for revenge and transferred this feelings on my person. Maybe because I'm more successful then she is, maybe unconscious envy sprouted in fertile soil of her madness and she saw the reason of her misery in me... We can only guess. But the result  is: this girl started to cyberstalk me. 


I have some screenshots from my colleague as well: the girl contacted her with purpose to get some info about me. I promised my colleague not to publish it, just use for myself or show to police in case of something serious. The best way, of course, if you have an issue with a real stalker, to publish as much info as you will find, but my example is a piece of cake so I’ll show you just some evidence of insanity. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you my little stalker, czech Queen of Wrestling LA_PERLA/Di perla !


I blocked her a few times, she changed numbers and texted me again from other accounts: one of the numbers belonged to some Norwegian guy, I will not publish screenshots of his facebook here yet, maybe he didn't even know she used his phone... But in case if he will decide to support her, I warn: "Dude, I have your name, address and family pictures. Don't even try."  Last time I blocked her in December, but a few days ago she contacted me again, insulting and threatening. I decided: that's enough. And I started to hunt her. Can't share my methods here, but it took just a few hours and phonecalls to find out who was my pretty stalker. I got working number, RE-profile of the girl (even 2 profiles), her name and address. 


I know, in this case she’s barely a stalker – just a poor girl, driven by boredom of her own life and self-esteem problems based on mental disorders, but imagine if she started to blackmail some other girl, not as strong and experienced as me? She could scare her to death. Or imagine, if she started to text YOU something like that? You are sitting with your family, having a nice dinner, and some crazy message comes to your phone: "I know you fucked this girl without condom! I know where you live! Your are in big troubles, moron!" You never even met this girl and you know she's telling a bullshit, but the situation itself would be quite unpleasant, wouldn't it? This is why I decided she deserves to be discovered, so nobody will get into trap of her insanity. I will not publish her real name and address yet: I still have a hope she'll realize her mistake and calm down, but if somebody were a victim of the girl, contact me, I'll help you with that. 


I noticed two common features of all stalkers which I have encountered before (who were chasing me or my friends) –  some sparkle of madness in their eyes and lack of a sense of personal border. Like they are looking for whatever reason to touch you: shake off a speck of dust, fix your curl, pull your jacket... Mainly crazy look exposes them. My dear readers, if you ever met this girl (as a customer, for example), did you notice something like that in her eyes? I can’t see under the sunglasses, unfortunately, but did you catch a sight of madness in her?


Thank you for your attention, especially for your comments! I receive a lot of sms from you, that is very nice, but would be better if you leave them under the post in my blog. Never be afraid of blackmailers, extortionists, stalkers or whatever: fear is good sometimes and can save a life, but definitely not in this case. Cool and clear mind and turning yourself from victim to stalker – this is the correct way.

Hug you, kiss you!

MG ♥

P.S. After I wrote the blog, I met my stalker-girl, but this story I will tell you in the next post. A lot of fun! Keep following∨

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you attract crazy women :D
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I have made lots of comments on you, because I like you a lot. And because of that, I have sometimes wondered; is this some kind of stalking? But after reading this post, I am relieved. I am not even close. Anyway I guess just thinking the thought, can be a warning sign. Maybe I should limit myself. If you told me to, I would do it for sure. But to limit myself, is my own responsibility, which would be wrong of me to push over on you. Anyway, these considerations are nothing against the stalking you have experienced. I hope you manage to fight them off, without them costing you too much.
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Pizza guy
Hi Monica.
I have read all your blogs with great interest. You introduced me to a new world, as you were my first escort experience.
However, this is the first time I have decided to respond. This potential craziness is what made me so fearful of employing the services of an escort in the first place. I see nothing immoral with it, but I do see how the information in the wrong hands could lead to life-changing scenarios.
Therefore, I wish to convey my gratitude to you for being such a professional. You gave me an experience I will never forget. I sometimes day-dreem about meeting you for real and being your partner. But don’t worry, I am not unrealistic, just like the dream is all;-)
I know I owe you a pizza, but I ended up in a new relationship, and feel it would be immoral for me to see you whilst in a happy relationship.
I will always remember you fondly and be grateful that you took such good care of me when I took my life’s greatest risk.
Kind regards Pizza guy.  
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Monica don’t pay attention she just envy your success!
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Pizza guy, that's great news! I'm so happy you found your person  
Thank you for keeping reading me!
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