Your Sex Fantasies

Your Sex Fantasies

What sex fantasies do we have? Am I normal or is it a perversion? Escorts' clients desires and the list of the most popular escorts' services you'll find in this video Girlfriend experience and Pornstar experience - everything you will find in here As an answer on the main question: are your desires - normal?..

Enjoy !

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Hehe, I have never liked 69 either, it's too stressful, only did it because I thought women liked it, and it was "practical" as both get aroused at same time, but my wife don't like it either actually...thought perhaps it was my fault somehow...

Happy to learn this can be skipped for the future. Thank you for that :)

I hate condoms, I really can't get used to it, and owo with cim is the closest to "normal sex" regarding the feeling of it, as I can just skip sex with condom, that is how much I hate it, it's more of giving the woman an orgasm, the looks of it is exciting, and ofc the sounds of female orgasm is very ofc I can live with that evil thing :)

Problem is ofc that escorts just fake it, so...just hoping their makes you feel like less man :)

Actually I can be very happy with a good massage with owo as happy ending, thinking about it, perhaps this will be my "working formula" to look for. Hmmm...then I don't feel like cheating either :)
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My sex fantasies evolves in the interaction with someone else, depending on what response I get and what I like myself, where chemistry with the other person plays a big part.

Say for example giving oral, which I don't fancy with everyone, I am a bit choosy. But when I find someone, and get good feedback, I love to do it. In any position, also 69. But the best positions, are the ones that works better for both.

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